Elaine Hill

Duck Herding & Sheepdog Handling

Duck Herding and Sheep Dog Handling are fun hospitality or team building activities, which depending on the ability of the individuals can be highly amusing. This in turn brings out both rivalry and camaraderie in participants.

Ducks on the run

After tuition you will be equipped with a shepherds crook and one of Elaine's faithful collies that will work to your voice commands. Guests then either in pairs or individually attempt to herd the ducks around a course, through the tunnels and gates, down the slide for a quick dip in the pool and finally back into the pen!

Operating Team Building and Corporate Hospitality Events since 1995, we have worked with some of the country's best known companies receiving many repeat bookings.

A flat area of short grass is required approximately 40x40 metres with adjacent parking for 4x4 and trailer.